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Solutions that make sense

We’ll create a comprehensive marketing strategy tailor-made for your company. When creating solutions, we are particular about long-term consistency in communication for the best possible memorability of your brand. The communication strategy will focus on your long-term business goals, so that they are achieved as effectively as possible.
nastavenie marketingovej stratégie
výkonnostny marketing

Performance marketing

Focused on long-term efficiency

We’ll prepare performance marketing campaigns for your e-shop or other type of business. We believe in a data-driven approach, in which, using an analysis of available data, we optimise campaigns for the most effective results.

Social media


Social networks that bring not only likes but especially real customers

Social networks have great potential these days, which you can make the most of with us. Through topicality and creativity, we’ll help you reach a new public and build a strong community of customers.

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správa sociálnych sietí
profesionalne fotenie a natáčanie videa

Photo and video production

Present yourself with the highest quality images

Customers buy with their eyes. We’ll provide you with photo and video content that will be perfectly tuned to the visuals of your brand. We’ll provide the overall production, from the idea through implementation to the final treatment and post-production of materials.

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Visual identity

Make the perfect first impression for your brand

For your brand to take hold, it needs to send clear and comprehensible signals to potential customers. We’ll create a perfect visual identity for you, which includes all the important elements you need – a logo, unique colours, fonts, graphic elements, business cards, folders…

tvorba vizualnej identity
graficky dizajn

Graphic design

Design that works

Graphic design from web pages through online and offline visuals to dynamic banners and animations. Our priority is not only the functionality of banners, but especially the fulfilling of your business goals. When creating graphics, we pay heed to visual consistency for the best possible long-term memorability of your brand.